Problem gambling and intimate partner violence

Problem gambling and intimate partner violence campaigns against gambling

Vol 17, Issue 1, Prevalence of intimate partner violence:

The majority of the sample Abstract This study examined the prevalence and severity of intimate partner violence IPV among problem gamblers 43 women, men recruited from newspaper advertisements. The Journal of Emergency Medicine, 23— Evaluation Review, 30, — These findings underscore the importance of routinely screening gambling clients for anger and IPV, and the need to develop public policy, prevention and treatment programs to address IPV among problem gamblers.

RESEARCH QUESTION(S) What is the prevalence of intimate partner violence in problem gamblers? What factors influence the relationship between problem. It has been suggested that the increase in gambling activity nationally has resulted in an increase in intimate partner violence (IPV). There are apparently no. Problem gambling in one individual has a series of negative effects on many others. problem gambling and intimate partner violence victimisation &. • intimate.

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